Tiger Kishan Missing
Dodging the eyes of security officials, Tiger Kishan who was translocated from Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh leapt over the security wall of Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary and has not been found since then. This incident that took place on 29 April, 2018, Sunday has caused a chaos in the wildlife sanctuary as the location as to where Kishan has fled off to has not been traced yet. What added more to the chaos is the fact that Kishan was brought specially from Bandhavgarh National Park on Sunday along with a tigress, Radha, from Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh on 18th April. Both the tigers were translocated to the wildlife sanctuary as part of tiger settlement process.

Questions are being raised on the level of security of the enclosure where Kishan was kept. As according to experts, tigers who are relocated from their habitat take some time to get used to the new environment. And in the case of Kishan, the male tiger was finding it hard to adjust as compared to the tigress. Moreover, being an adult tiger, it was easy for Kishan to jump off the security wall of the enclosure and sweep to some other region. As per the sources, the tiger could be somewhere in or around the Kalgi Nala area of the wildlife sanctuary but the location is still not known. Another drawback in the case is the absence of collar ID of Kishan. In case of failure in tracing the adult male tiger, experts will be approached as there is some residential area around the wildlife sanctuary which can be under a threat.

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