Bandhavgarh National Park

Elephant Safari in Bandhavgarh

elephant safari in bandhavgarhBandhavgarh National park is filled with so many ranges of wild life species. The credit goes to the amazing landscape and the fittest topography, of course bringing up tremendous amount of tourists to witness the presence and movement of the jungle beings.

Despite the dimensioned properties of the reserve and the varieties of the species, including the bird species, the visitors yearns to this place to catch the rare glimpse of the rare and majestic animals of the jungle including the spirit of the jungle- the tiger. The Bandhavgarh Park has earned name for the highest probability of sighting tigers everyday and this is the reason maximum people come here to experience the “tiger tour” at Bandhavgarh. The “tiger tour” is the star attraction of Bandhavgarh and the best way to enjoy the sightseeing of this majestic animal is on the back of the elephant.

We call it the elephant safari which has gained immense popularity among the animal lovers who love to praise the beauty of the jungle and the glorious beasts of Bandhavgarh. It is really a rewarding experience to follow the footsteps of the royal tigers sitting safely on the back of the elephant.

The elephant safari in Bandhavgarh brings three major advantages- the foremost is you can get the opportunity to experience tiger tour in a detailed manner. The second one is that you can have a very safe tour while sitting on the back of this majestic creature and the third one is that you can enjoy elephant riding simultaneously with the tiger tour.

The special safari can only be attained once the park management receives the written permission from the Field Director of Bandhavgarh. The safari guide will definitely be there to assist you. An elephant safari at Bandhavgarh is really the perfect option for a safe and most enjoyable jungle tour.

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