Bandhavgarh National Park

Geography of Bandhavgarh

geography of bandhavgarh Bandhavgarh National Park resides on the extreme north eastern border of Madhya Pradesh and the northern edges of the Satpura mountain ranges. Due to the tropical monsoon climatic zone, the park has been characterized by well defined winters summers and rains and the sprouted weather definitely makes the whole environment more lush and unabridged.

The altitude of the reserve varies between 410 meters (1,345 ft) to 810 meters (2,657 ft) and being flourished with 32 hills with a large natural fort in the center of the park. The fort has magnanimous view sides with its cliffs of 2625 feet (800 meters) high, 1000 feet (300 meters) above the neighboring countryside. Prospering with high and thick Sal forests the entire jungle brings a blissful aroma to the surroundings. The upper slope of the reserve is filled with the mixed forest of Sai, Dhobin and Saja along with Sal.

Although the entire area covered by Bandhavgarh National park is 1161 sq km but the tourists are restricted to an area of 105 sq km of the park which can be called as the Tala Range. Richest in terms of biodiversity this area brings the great visiting of the tigers in the core zone. The core zone of the reserve is composed of four other zones namely- Magdhi, Kallwah, Khitauli and Panpatha.

Winters are comparatively much colder in the entire region that normally varies and almost freezing at night, around 68F in the daytime. The tropical conditions of the forest makes the summer nights also much colder than the daytime bringing about the temperature of 104F. The forest remains closed during the monsoon (or breeding) season (July- August). The rainfall in the Bandhavgarh zone has been witnessed at an average of 50 inches (120 cm per year).

Geographical Details:-

Area: 1161 sq. kms.
Core Zone: 624 sq kms.
Buffer Zone: 537 sq. kms.
Longitude: 80 47’15” to 81 11′ 45 E
Latitude: 23 30′ 12 to 23 45′ 45 N
Altitude: 440mts to 810mts above sea level.
Rainfall: 1175mm.
Temperature: Min. 2C- Max. 44 C.

Forest Type:

Moist Peninsular low level Sal: 3C/C2a
Wet Gangetic moist mixed deciduous forest: 3C/C3a


Monsoon- mid June to September
Winter- November to mid-February
Summer- mid March to mid June

Best Time to Visit:-

The park is open from 16th October till 30th June.

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