Bandhavgarh National Park

Tips for Wildlife Viewing

Important Practical Instructions for Experiencing Wild lives in Bandhavgarh

wildlife viewing tipsGetting a closer view of the wild creatures in the dense jungles of Bandhavgarh brings immense pleasure and enthusiasm among the tourists but a proper care and instructions are equally important for a safe and protected safari trip. For your knowledge, there are generally two main ways of getting about in the reserve; either in a motor vehicle or on an elephant back. And the pleasing fact is that many of the animals are accustomed to either of the mediums and don’t get annoyed of it but still it is advisable to talk quietly and to avoid making rapid movements.

Here are some interesting instructions and tips for you to enjoy the jungle trip in Bandhavgarh safely:
  • If you are choosing for the jeep safari, it should be best undertaken from dawn until 10 am and from about 4 pm until dusk, as most of the animals are active during these periods.
  • A forest department guide must always accompany you who will be able to direct you and point any particular wild species.
  • Elephant safari is the safest medium for tiger tour and is preferred mostly by the forest department. If a tiger is found, then the elephant will take you directly to the tiger either from the lodge or from a nearby point reached by jeep/car.
  • You must pick safe and comfortable clothing so that you can find easy movement. Preferably cotton is the perfect choice which is safe and comfortable in every respect. Additionally, the color of the cloth should not be too bright to catch the attention of the animals (since it may disturb them) but a camouflage color can be the good option.
  • You must pay attention to your movements and activities that should surely not disturb the wild creatures.
  • Carrying almost every necessary item can be very helpful for you but mind it you should not be over-luggage. This can help you to avoid the extra burden of carrying weight and you can enjoy your trip completely by avoiding fatigue.
  • Carrying first aid ailments while travelling is a smart move as you never know when you will meet any inconveniences while enjoying jungle trip.
  • Photography is the most important part of any kind of wildlife tour when you can click the special moments and take them along with you. But while clicking on the object, your aim should be not to disturb them and you should silently click their shots.
  • You must be patient while observing the wild creatures and should note down their movement, behavior and features for your records.
Essential Tips for watching birds during wildlife tour:
  1. Observe the birds carefully with a constant eye and be active throughout the observation since you are going to read the movements of nature’s most active creature.
  2. Your observation should include everything, right from their movement, appearance and voice that will certainly help you to distinguish every species from another.
  3. You must keep a permanent record of your observation so that you can make a careful distinction of the color and pattern of the birds, their hood shape, the size and shape of their beaks and wings and of course if possible their flying style and movements.
  4. Your observation should also include the feeding habits and their style of eating.
  5. Observing the general habitat, climate and the regions where the most common birds are found will definitely increase your knowledge of birds and will complement your bird-watching.
  6. Above all a patient and careful observation and keeping a documented record of all of it will bring about a successful birding trip in Bandhavgarh which is the most perfect location for almost more than 150 species of birds.

Therefore, these tips when followed carefully will bring a successful Bandhavgarh safari trip and you can enjoy the most of it.

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