Bandhavgarh National Park

Pench National Park

Bengal tiger pench national parkLocated in Aravali, Satpura, Vindhyachal and Satpura ranges, the Pench National Park, named after the Pench River, is a teak forest and is most famed for the scenic beauty and amazing landscape. It has a very pleasant and dense undergrowth of trees especially the Teak. The paths are very smooth making the great population for the herbivores.

The area was declared as Pench National Park in the year 1975 by the Government of Maharashtra and later the Government of India considered it the Pench Tiger Reserve in the year 1999. The Pench National Park has tropical moist deciduous forest and the vegetation can also be found typical of the southern tropical deciduous forest.

The most commonly found faunas at the Pench National Park are:
Gaur, Sambhar, Blue Bulls, Macaque, Langur, Wild Boar, Bear, Wild Dogs, Deer, Leopard, Tigers and Civets.

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Fast Facts of the Pench National Park:


Royal Bengal Tiger pench national park Core: 292.85 sq. km.
Buffer: 465.00 sq. km.
Total: 757.85 sq. km.
Longitude: 79007’45” E to 79022’30”
Latitude: 21037’N to 21050’30” E
Altitude: 580-675 Mt. above MSL
Rainfall: 1397 mm


Winter: November to February
Summer: March to mid-June
Monsoon: mid-June to September


Minimum: 3.1°F
Maximum: 47°F.

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