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Ujjain Tourism

Ujjain, also known by the names Ujaini, Avantika, Amravati, Padmavati, and many more, is one of India's most historically significant cities. Its rich history and connection to the divine can be seen in the hundreds of temples that dot the cityscape. It would take two days to visit all of the significant temples in Ujjain. This auspicious city is located at the country's geographical center, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, which literally translates to the middle region, and is also a major pilgrimage destination for spiritual seekers. Ujjain provides a serene and tranquil environment you will not soon want to leave. The splendid ghats of the Shipra River are one of the top tourist attractions in Ujjain. The weather is favorable year-round, so you can visit countless temples without worrying about harsh weather conditions. Although Ujjain is a small city, creating an itinerary that includes all the must-visit places is crucial, thus we are sharing with you a travel guide. Choose from our Ujjain tourism packages to book an adventurously hallowed trip to Ujjain.

Religious & Spiritual Significance of Ujjain

Ujjain is one of the most important cities in India due to its religious and spiritual significance. It is one of the four cities where the Maha Kumbh Mela, the world's largest religious gathering, takes place every 12 years. Additionally, it is considered one of the seven sacred cities in India, believed to be visited once in a lifetime to attain moksha, or liberation from the cycle of reincarnation.

Ujjain is home to the Shri Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, which are sacred lingams of Shiva. The city is also known as Mahakal Ki Nagari, or the City of Mahakal, referring to Shiva's fierce form. Additionally, Ujjain is an important center for Vedic studies, with many ancient sages studying the sacred Vedas in the city. Situated on the banks of the Shipra River, Ujjain is also home to the Kalbhairava Temple, another significant pilgrimage site dedicated to the fierce form of Shiva. Ujjain is a vibrant and historic city with a rich religious and cultural heritage. It is from popular points of interest for pilgrims and tourists alike.

Popular Points of Tourist Interest in Ujjain

Ujjain, home to magnificent temples and one of the four cities that host the world's largest gathering, the Maha Kumbh, requires no introduction for its significance. This city, regarded as one of the most religious and spiritual places in India, is said to be the center of the land and served as the reference point for calculating time in the surrounding regions. Established thousands of years ago, Ujjain holds a prominent position among India's oldest cities. Here are the best places to visit in Ujjain that define its significance and are not to be missed:

Mahakaleshwar Temple

The Mahakaleshwar temple is a resplendent shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva, the destroyer of evil. It is one of the top tourist places in Ujjain, a holy city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The temple is renowned for its intricate architecture, which is a blend of Hindu, Jain, and Mughal styles. The temple is home to one of the 12 Jyotirlingas, which are sacred lingams (pillars) of Lord Shiva. The Mahakaleshwar lingam is believed to be self-manifested, making it one of the most revered Jyotirlingas in India.

  • Location: Jaisinghpura, Ujjain
  • Time required to visit: 1-2 Hours

Kal Bhairav Temple

The Shree Kal Bhairav Temple is dedicated to a fierce form of Lord Shiva known as Kalbhairav. He is believed to be the god of annihilation and is responsible for providing strength and power to the devotees. The temple follows special and strict rituals, and many visitors attend the holy rituals daily. The temple is believed to have been built 6,000 years ago and holds great importance in the Hindu religion. You can talk to the locals and listen to detailed stories about Kal Bhairav.

Kandariya Mahadeva Temple

The Kandariya Mahadeva Temple in Khajuraho is one of the popular points of interest and among the best places to visit. This Temple grand tribute to Lord Shiva. It is the largest temple in the area, known for its vibrant architecture. The temple walls are adorned with intricate carvings depicting men and women in intimate poses. These erotic sculptures showcase the celebration of love and passion.

  • Location: Bhairavgarh, Ujjain
  • Time required to visit: 30 Minutes

Ram Ghat/Shipra River

Ram Ghat, located on the Shipra River, is one of the must-visit places in Ujjain. The holy river holds great significance in Ujjain's history and provides a sense of peace when you're in its vicinity. Many people take a holy dip in the river, which is believed to wash away unintentional sins. However, even if you are not religious, you can still enjoy the serenity of this massive water body. Evening prayers at Ram Ghat are also an event not to be missed, as they are performed daily at dusk.

  • Location: Kartik Chowk, Ujjain
  • Time required to Visit: 1 Hour

Sandipani Ashram/Gomti Kund

The Maharshi Sandipani Ashram has a remarkable story and is steeped in great history. It is believed that Lord Krishna received his teachings at this ashram from Sage Sandipani. The ashram exudes serenity and calmness, creating a deep connection between visitors and the environment. Just 500 meters away from the Sandipani Ashram is Gomti Kund, which is also associated with Lord Krishna. The holy water of Gomti Kund is said to have been used by ancient sages for sacred rituals. While you cannot take a dip in the Kund, you are allowed to touch the water or collect some for yourself.

  • Location: Indira Nagar, Ujjain
  • Time required to visit: 1-2 Hours

Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar, also known as Vedh Shala, is an observatory built for studying astronomical phenomena and geolocation of heavenly bodies. Ujjain held significant importance in the study of time, serving as the center for measuring time differences in India. The Vedh Sabha Observatory was constructed in 1725 and features several structural instrumental devices that can still be used to calculate their intended purposes.

  • Location: Jabsinghpura, Ujjain
  • Time required to Visit: 1-2 Hours

Bhartrihari Caves

The Bhatrihari cave is another mysterious place that will leave you in awe of the historical existence of ancient India. Ujjain boasts a rich history and has been home to many remarkable individuals, one of whom is Sage Bhatrihari, the step-brother of King Vikramaditya. Known for his brilliance, he found solace in these caves. Spending an extended period within their confines, he achieved a peaceful state of mind and even penned literary masterpieces during his time there.

Upon venturing deeper into the cave, you will find yourself immersed in a completely different atmosphere. It is truly unbelievable how these caves were constructed in ancient times, without the aid of modern equipment, and have withstood the test of time for thousands of years.

Note: Keep a torch with yourself as it is dark inside the cave.

  • Location: Barnagar road, Ujjain
  • Time Required to Visit: 1-2 hours

Bade GaneshJi Ka Mandir

Bade Ganeshji ka Mandir is another famous place in Ujjain, located not far from the Ujjain Junction. The temple is renowned for its colossal idol of Lord Ganesh, standing at almost 20 feet tall. Within the temple premises, the authorities also offer lessons in Sanskrit and astrology. Additionally, the temple features a grand idol of Lord Hanuman with five faces, believed to have been installed even before the idol of Lord Ganesh.

  • Location: Jaisinghpura, Ujjain
  • Time Required to Visit: 30 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the top attractions to visit in Ujjain?

Some of the top places to visit in Ujjain are the Shree Mahakaleshwar Temple, Kal Bhairav Temple, Ram Ghat, Sandipani Ashram, Gomti Ghat, Iskcon Temple, Triveni Ghat, Bade Ganeshji ka Mandir, and Bhartrihari Caves.

Q.What is the best time to visit Ujjain?

The best time to visit Ujjain is between October and March when the temperatures are favorable for walking throughout the day. The summer and monsoon seasons are characterized by hot and humid weather, which can make your trip less enjoyable.

Q.How to reach Ujjain?

Ujjain is easily accessible, with multiple transportation options available. You can reach Ujjain by air, rail, or road. The nearest airport is in Indore, and Ujjain has its own railway station. There are regular train and bus services connecting Ujjain to major cities.

Q.What are the famous temples in Ujjain?

The most famous temples in Ujjain are-
  • Shree Mahakaleshwar Temple
  • Harsiddhi Mata Mandir
  • Shree Chintaman Ganesh Mandir
  • Kaal Bhairav Temple
  • Bade Ganesh Ji Ka Mandir

Q.Are there any nearby attractions or day trips from Ujjain?

Ujjain is surrounded by many nearby tourist destinations. Some of them include Dewas (37 km), Indore (55 km), Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary (70 km), and Nagda Birla Mandir (58 km).

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